Find Your Finish

We carry many different types of sequins, so we hope this will be a helpful guide in finding the sequins you need.

Metallic Sequins have a mirror-like finish and are the most common sequins.  They are often used on Christmas Ornaments.


Hologram Sequins are similar to metallic sequins, but have a spotlight finish that shifts color in the light.


Crystal Iris Sequins are transparent sequins with a heavy iridescent finish.


Crystal Opaque Sequins are opaque sequins with a heavy iridescent finish.


Iridescent Sequins are transparent and have a light iridescent finish.


Glossy Sequins can be either opaque or transparent but have a shiny, non-iridescent finish.

Opaque Iridescent Sequins are opaque with a light iridescence.


Opalescent Sequins are opaque and very shiny with a lovely golden opalescence.


Opaque Moonlight Sequins are opaque with a super shiny, lustrous but non-iridescent finish.


Moonshine Sequins are clear transparaent with a silvery, icicle-like finsh.


Satin Sequins are opaque, but are also matte with no shine.


We hope this is helpful.  If you are trying to match an existing sequin, you are always welcome to email us or send us a sample for matching.  Here is our matching information:

Please do not tape your sequin sample to anything- the tape distorts the sequin.  Please use a small zip lock baggie or the like.
Please include your email address so that we can reach you about a match.
You may mail to:
Cartwright's Sequins
11108 N. Hwy 348
Mountainburg, AR 72946