Clearly Stated

Sometimes, you just need a clear sequin. We hope this will be a helpful guide in finding the clear sequins you need.

Crystal Iris Clear Aurora Borealis sequins are transparent sequins with a heavy iridescent finish.


Clear Iridescent Sequins are transparent and have a light iridescent finish.


Clear Glossy Sequins have a shiny, non-iridescent finish.

Moonshine Sequins are clear transparaent with a silvery, icicle-like finsh.


We hope this is helpful.  If you are trying to match an existing sequin, you are always welcome to email us or send us a sample for matching.  Here is our matching information:

Please do not tape your sequin sample to anything- the tape distorts the sequin.  Please use a small zip lock baggie or the like.
Please include your email address so that we can reach you about a match.
You may mail to:
Cartwright's Sequins
11108 N. Hwy 348
Mountainburg, AR 72946